The application has great features, such as Geofence, Trips, Real-time Tracking, and more! This page explains how to use those features and how they work. Leverage this powerful application and improve your vehicle security and safety.


On the Notifications tab (1), you can see the last received notifications. When a new notification is received, an orange indicator is shown in the navigation bar.

Click on the notification to see the place on the map where the event has occured. For detailed information about the event, click on its icon on the map.

You can configure notifications separately for each unit in the Unit menu – Settings – Notifications.

From this tab, you can go to the setting of the Types of notifications (2), where you can additionally configure sending of notifications via:

• Telegram

• Email

• Webhook

Types of notifications setting are available only in Premium version of the application.



A geofence is an area on the map used mainly for creating notifications which trigger when a unit is inside this area or has left it.

On the Geofences tab (1) you can see a list of created geofences and also go to create a new geofence (2).



This tab contains summary information about units and account.

The Dashboard (1) consists of the following sections:

  • Mileage (2): information about the mileage of units for a day, week and month;
  • Total mileage (3): information about the total mileage of units since they were connected to the application;
  • Info (4): summary information about the current restrictions in the application – for example, how many units and geofences have been created at the moment and how many can be created in total.



The application interface consists of the following elements:

  • map;
  • navigation bar (1): switching between the Units, Trips, Dashboard, Geofences, Notifications, User Settings, Subscription Management tabs;
  • work area (2): drag up to open the work area. Its content depends on the selected tab;
  • user menu (3): announcements, sessions, user settings, logout.



Сars, motorbikes, pets, etc. which have a GPS device for tracking their movement (tracker) can be units. The device transmits data about the location, movement direction, speed, etc. Besides, you can use a special application installed on your smartphone as a tracker.

Each created unit has a unit card with its name and icon (1).



On the Timeline tab (1), you can see all the events of the unit for the selected day (trips, speeding, alarm messages, towing, and so on).

You can select a day from the bar(2) or in the calendar (3) if the desired day for which you want to view events is not in the bar.

For each event you can see the name of the event, its time, as well as for some events the address and some other data.



On the Trips tab (1) (or Unit Menu (2) – Trips), you can see all the trips (3) and stops (4) of the unit for the selected day (5). If the desired day for which you want to view trips is not in the bar, you can select it in the calendar (6).

You can play the trip on the map (7) at an accelerated speed.


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