ELA Innovation and ECTECH ensure the access control of 900 vehicles into the FDI group and Tissot real estate


Who They Are & Client Needs

The business center @7Center created by FDI group and Tissot real estate trusted ELA Innovation and ECTECH to manage the ins and outs in its parking lot. Indeed, this site generates every day an important traffic composed of numerous users accessing one of the 900 parking spots divided in 2 levels.

  • Improve the traffic flow and avoid an increase of traffic
  • Facilitate the parking access for 900 vehicles in less than an hour
  • Secure the parking access

The Equipment 

  • PUCK DOT : High precision identifier tag in each vehicle1
  • The SCIEL READER R gather the PUCK DOT number3
  • The TAG ACTIVATOR awakes the PUCK DOT2


An exceptional quality-price ratio

E. Cassegrain – CEO – ECTECH


The Operate Modeparking lot

Technically speaking, the “hand free” access control solution hinges on the Active DOT RFID technology. This identification technology gathers 2 wavelengths: – A low frequency (125kHz) allowing to detect the vehicle at a precise and configurable distance from the barrier. – A high frequency (433MHz) allowing the secured transmission of identification data to the reading equipment. The reading equipment are compact and can be integrated discreetly inside the barrier. The PUCK DOT is inside the vehicle. It can be detected even if it is not fixed on the windshield. The reading distance can be set from 1 to 25 meters and the reading is achieved in less than 0.25 seconds allowing to achieve a free flowing traffic.

The Advantages

  • Solution easy to deploy
  • Reading speed < 1 second in and out
  • Compact and sturdy tags
  • 100% autonomous tags


The Results

  • 900 vehicles enter the parking in less than an hour
  • Better flow at the parking entrance