ELA Innovation and Apitrak allow the CH of Montélimar to geolocate its perfusion devices

The Hospital Center of Montélimar

Who They Are & Client Needs

The Hospital Center of Montélimar puts its trust in Apitrak and ELA Innovation to meet a major challenge…
It consists in geolocating perfusion devices within the health establishment while answering a given number of constraints. Indeed, the size of the beacons have to be adapted to the equipment, the precision of localization has to be adjustable, finally the proposed solution has to be simple to use and maintain.
To meet this challenge, Apitrak deployed an Indoor mesh network geolocation solution based on a set of ELA Innovation beacons.

  • Locate medical equipment in the hospital with an accuracy of less than 10 meters
  • An easy to use solution
  • A beacon size adapted to the equipment to locate


The Equipment 

  • 120 Fixed beacons named anchors1 100 mobile beacons Wirepas MESH 2
  • IoT plateform Apitrak Explorer4
  • 4 Apitrak Gateway3




The form factor of the tags was very important to the customer, which is what made us choose the COIN range from ELA Innovation. Compact, this tag fits particularly well with small medical devices such as syringe pumps withstanding harsh conditions.

V. Lê – CEO – Apitrak



The Operate Modeela6

From a technical point of view, the location solution is based on a mesh network of fixed and mobile beacons. The rooted tags, also known as anchors¹, are installed at regular intervals (20 – 25 meters) throughout the site, while the mobile ones are positioned directly on syringe pushers and infusion pumps². The mobile Blue COIN ID Mesh tag emits signals to all surrounding anchors, which in turn pick up all dialogues and transmit the information to the gateway. However, as the data collected by the beacons is raw, it is transformed into GPS data (altitude, latitude, and longitude) by the Wirepas Positionning Engine and visualized on the Apitrak  Explorer web application.ELA7

The battery-powered infrastructure, requiring no connection, facilitates the deployment of the solution and ensures an extremely competitive total cost of ownership.



The Advantages

  • Beacon size: 36mm diameter
  • Low installation costs
  • Accuracy of 5 to 10 meters
  • Beacons 100% autonomous
  • Important battery life
  • High refresh rate


The Results

  • Saves time for the biomedical team
  • Better knowledge of the usage rate of each device
  • Facilitates the sharing of material between departments