GV350 LTE Series

The GV350 series (LTE) includes three models of GNSS tracking devices with multiple interfaces including two RS232 serial ports and a 1-wire interface, etc. The series supports LTE Cat M1/NB1 network on multiple bands for operation globally with a fallback to EGPRS.


SIM Card & Programming

Complete your package with SIM Card & Programming. Please add to card if you need them.


  • Wide Operating Voltage Range 8V to 32V DC
  • Multiple I/Os for Monitoring and Control
  • 1-wire Interface Supports Temperature Sensor
  • GARMIN FMI/Multiple Sensors
  • Two RS232 Serial Ports for External Accessories
  • Internal 3-axis Accelerometer for Motion Detection
  • Driving Behavior Monitoring and Incident Notification
  • Internal GNSS Antenna and Optional External GNSS Antenna

GV350 LTE Product Series

Region Sub Model Certificate 
North America GV350MA FCC/Verizon
North America GV350MG_S FCC/Sprint





Additional information


100+, 300+, 500+, 1K+


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