Best-In-Class Automotive GPS Systems


Best-In-Class Automotive GPS Systems
The Geometris whereQube AVL™ is an in-vehicle installed telematics unit that is designed to provide a wide range of in-vehicle functions. The whereQube AVL™ supports a variety of reporting intervals and power conservation profiles that are simple to use. Vehicle journey reports based on time, distance, and direction of travel can be easily created from the information reported by the whereQube AVL™. Additionally, all vehicle starts and stops, loss of GPS, low battery, and input state changes can be reported.

Unmatched Low/No Power GPS Systems
In most non-automotive tracking applications the requirement to conserve battery power is met by a significant reduction in features and functionality to the point that existing battery powered products are practically unusable for many applications. Today, simplistic systems that wake on very infrequent intervals with extended naps in between, are the only options available to the trucking fleet manager. By leveraging ultra-low power electronics, lightweight solar panels, and a patent pending high-efficiency solar recharge system, Geometris is able to deliver a significantly superior and compelling asset tracking service.

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