ELA Innovation and Resonate MP4 trace 5000 non-motorized mobile equipment (NME) for Roissy CDG airport




Who They Are & Client Needs

Air France is a leading global player in its three main areas of activity: passenger transport, cargo transport and aircraft maintenance. Roissy CDG Airport has placed its trust in ELA Innovation and Resonate MP4 to optimize its non-motorized mobile equipment (NMEs). This challenge involved to deploy a monitoring system on 5,000 NMEs in Roissy CDG airport.
To answer this need, Resonate MP4 and ELA Innovation deployed a beacon network and GPS units for indoor and outdoor NMEs location. The GPS data is uploaded to the business platform developed by Resonate MP4 (www.xopsaero.com) allowing this fleet management optimization.


  • Track and identify 5,000 non motorized equipment
  • Allow indoor and outdoor traceability
  • Share and charge equipment for multiple users


The Equipment 

  • Blue Puck ID1
  • GPS Trackers – TAG32
  • XOPS Resonate3 Plateform




Air France has extended the technology to all its ramp equipment, including the ones used for the technical maintenance of airplanes.

A. Barré – Air France


The Operate ModeELA13

From a technical point of view, the location solution can be deployed following two technologies: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Active RFID. In order to be identified, each non-motorized equipment carries a Blue PUCK ID¹ with BLE technology or, in some cases, a PUCK ID based on Active RFID technology.
The motorized mobile devices are equipped with GPS2 trackers, called Tag3, communicating via GSM 4G network.
In case already installed trackers do not have BLE connectivity, the same type of solution can still be deployed by adding an Active RFID reader.

ELA14RSSI network management allows to define the distance between motorized and non-motorized equipment. If this distance is reduced to a few meters, the tracker communicates the presence of the non-motorized equipment by associating the Blue PUCK ID to its GPS position. In this way, this fleet composed of thousands of TAG3s (GPS boxes) running on the airport becomes a detection and communication network for non-motorized equipment.
The GPS data is transmitted in real time by the 4G unit to the XOPS business platform developed by Resonate MP4.
This platform allows to track, optimize, and share fleet between different airlines.




The Advantages

  • 100% autonomous beacons
  • Beacons compatible with GPS units on the market
  • Compact beacons, watertight, and robust
  • Regular emission (every 4 seconds)
  • Vital battery life : at least 6 years


The Results

  • 25% reduction of NMEs on the slopes
  • Enhanced security